"Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness."

- Jim Rohn



"Drama school was a million years ago for me, so taking The Source with Paul got me up-to-speed on everything current on the business side of acting:  I now have a complete audition wardrobe for every type of audition I will go on, my resume and new pictures are dazzling, my website looks current, and I have several go to sets of sides that support my goals.  But beyond that, Paul supported me in breaking down every obstacle that has held me back (external ones, and the more painful internal ones) and making personal breakthroughs that I never could have done on my own.  The proof is in the pudding: I just signed across the board with an agent that I met on the final showcase night and am filled with confidence on auditions.  Make this investment in yourself, and Paul will help you turn your dreams into plans that you can achieve.  "


-MAEVE YORE, Source Grad May 2019


"Paul Michael and The Source gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to take my career to the next level.  I came away with a better understanding of the industry and how to thrive and grow as an artist and as a business."

- Anya Gibian, Source Grad June 2019


“This week I completed a course that has set me on a new one. 

For anyone who feels stuck in life, your career or emotionally, I could not more highly recommend The Source with Paul Michael’s The Network. It is truly a life-changing experience. It will push all your buttons, send you to and though all your limits. The version of you that comes out the other side is the person, it turns out, you’ve always been; the person you’ve been too afraid to let out because, if you did, that would mean you are fearless, strong, successful and limitless and that can be scary. But this beautifully challenging process will show you: you ARE ready for this, you ARE strong enough, you DESERVE so much more than you are allowing yourself to experience. And in the meanwhile, you’ll gain incredible new friends and an inspiring support system. Give yourself this gift. Take this step. You will transform and never regret it.”

— Tara Haight – June 2018


“If you're in NYC.  I just finished taking a wonderful 10 week course with Paul J. Michael on not just the business of acting and marketing, but personal growth!  I highly recommend this class!  I had to do it all through FaceTime and still got tremendous value from it!!!!”

— Michael Patrick Lane from Dynasty – June 2018



“Just incredible.”

— Carla Johnston Young – June 2018


“I can’t recommend Paul J. Michael’s The Source highly enough. If you need some of that good old acting business acumen, a restart, a community of supportive artists, want to make stuff, want to be an empowered actor in the industry, want someone to have your back and challenge you in this wonderful city, please check it out! I went from being shy and playing small to being a confident leader, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. I am very excited about the coming professional results, but the personal benefits have so far been outstanding. Go go go!”

— Autumn Mirassou June 2018

“This past week I completed the final week of Paul J. Michael’s The Source. I can easily say that it’s one of the most challenging, emotional, and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever been through. Paul Michael has created something truly special, uniquely powerful, and certainly invaluable in The Source. If you are stuck in your career, feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next, this experience will open you up to an incredible abundance of information, support and community. I am so grateful to Paul Michael, Brenton, Veronica, and each of the beautiful, passionate and talented artists for the experience and insight I’ve gained in these past 10 weeks. If you are a creative person and you want to open the door to opportunity, you must take The Source. Trust the process.”

— Jon Berry


“To those of you who are unaware of Paul Michael's The Source, may I suggest that you make yourselves aware of it and sign up as soon as you are able.  Once a week from mid-March until last night, I and my nine fellow Sourcers have shared the most incredibly mind, eye and heart opening experiences I believe any of us have ever encountered.  We have learned so much about ourselves and each other and how we live our lives and deal with our career choices and the way we simply look at life from now on.  All I can say is -- do it.”

— Pamela Osowski


“So I just finished The Source at Paul Michael's The Network and if you're feeling stuck in your life, unsatisfied in your career or just general malaise about your life choices than I cannot recommend this any higher. I was continuously challenged, frustrated and pissed off but I saw it through and the light at the end of the tunnel far outweighed the bullshit in my head. Trust me, if you do this - your life will change. And you will thank me in the end. And you'll have a group of new friends for the rest of your life!!”

— Paul Megna


"The Source will get you and your career going on a whole different level. It’s unique and unpredictable. It moves you into a driven motion towards accomplishing your personal and professional goals! You’ll love the results!Like Paul says: “ Just trust the process. “" - Ana Prickett Braunstein, Source 28 April 2018

"Taking  “The Source” was the best decision I made for my career. Paul Michael is not only a phenomenal coach,  but he also guides you to figure out what’s stopping you to get to the next level. It’s an eye-opening and transformational class that I recommend to all actors! Whether you are starting off in your career or already established, this class is a true journey of growth. Thank you Paul for all of your guidance and support! --Pooja Chandnani Danay, Source 29, March 2018


"If you're serious about doing the work it takes to transform your life--I mean really serious--then The Source is perfect for you. During my 10 week course, I dropped 25lbs, wrote the business plan for my new company, and completed 2/3 of my screenplay. I also learned invaluable management tools for managing my acting career moving forward: audition technique, agent communication, identifying my type, etc. But The Source is so much more!

Paul Michaels' innovative course challenged me at every level to shed my past and step into my highest vision of myself. Well worth the time spent and the money invested."
- Dennis Dumal, Source 23


“I have truly been transformed as an actor through the level of techniques I have attained from Paul Michael of the Source. Thanks Paul, you are the best I have ever worked with since I have ventured into the world of acting.  I find you to be a highly spiritual, loving, centered, generous and caring person, and I’m quite moved by the attributes you carry." - Jennifer McIntosh, Source 25

"This class is a commitment. Trust the process.​" - Ian Ampoyo, Source 25

"Paul Michael not only helps you prepare your business strategy, but he also helps you identify and overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from reaching your goals.  The Source is truly a transformational experience.  

Paul Michael changed my life.  Because of his guidance, preparation, and the Source final showcase, I now have representation of a top talent manager.  Thank you Paul!" - Robin Reck, Source 25

(In describing the experience of the Source in a few words:) "Unprecedented, Remarkable, Exceptional, Exclusive, High caliber, Intense, Rare, Purposeful, Accomplished, Transcending, Transform, Reshape, Exceeding, Distinguished." - Carol Ann Bell, Source 25

"Attending The Source was one of the best decisions I have made to help advance my acting career.  Thank you Paul Michael for extending this program to the DC metro area, for your coaching, challenging exercises and team projects that made for a  wonderful journey.  My life is forever changed for the better and I feel fully prepared to take my acting career to the Next Level!" Gayle Carney, DC Source 25 

"..Since I took The Source, I subsequently continued with many other Network offerings to connect and learn from a variety of industry professionals. In building these relationships, I have been able to achieve my goals. Through my Source showcase connection to Kathleen Vissichelli-Hanley, I was brought in and cast in a leading role in an indie feature film, Mouse. I also reconnected with Margaret Emory of SW Artists in Scott Wojcik’s commercial workshop and have begun to work with her. Paul Michael’s nurturing care and guidance of Network actors is above and beyond expectation. He sees our individual strengths and navigates us through our challenges. There is always enough room and enough love for us all. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given. Thank you Paul!!" - Caroline Ryburn 

"I wanted to try something different, and did not know what to expect. The Source did not disappoint! This 10 wk. course covers everything from branding, marketing and most importantly, what’s going on, on the inside. Their techniques identify blocks in a way that I hadn’t experienced before, which spreads out into other aspects of my life my well. I am grateful to Paul for his leadership, generosity, and heart. I highly recommend the Source to anyone who with a curiosity and desire for transformation." - Kristina Latour

"Paul Michael (helps you) to learn the business of acting, and the twists of the film and theatre industries. The best way is to access it is via your own personal source. Every class was a new adventure to me, an exploration to find my keys to success as an actor. No matter how high my expectations were, the two hours were always hiding a surprise in my understanding of the actor I am, and how far I can go. When there is a will there is a way they say, and the (Source) way was smart, honest and elegant." - Christina Farah

"Holy cats! What an incredible journey (that I’m still processing) of ten weeks’ worth of exercises, stretches, affirmations, breakdowns and breakthroughs. Paul and Cloe and Sarah and Kristin (Source Seniors) challenged and supported me in ways I didn’t think were possible. The clichè is, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” In The Source, it’s reality." - Nick Lehotsky

"Being in The Source program gave my acting career and my confidence a huge boost. First, working with Paul and Brenton was wonderful. The two helped me to clearly define my brand. So when the showcases came along I felt a surge of power and strength coursing through my veins because by then I had a clearer understanding of how others saw me which allowed me to play to my strength. I understood what roles best represented my 'type,' and learned how to piece together the right wardrobe. I even learned how to get the perfect headshot. I also gained a clearer understanding of how to pitch myself using the 'elevator speech' technique. And second, I feel as though I have formed lifetime friendships with the wonderful group of actors in my class. A week after class has ended we're still checking in with each other. And third, Paula Poeta called me in for a meeting, and Margaret Emory expressed interest. I walked away from this class knowing that breakthroughs are possible."

-Jeaniene Green, Network Actor

"The Source is the first class I have taken (and I've taken many!) where I felt as though I was truly acquiring tools to propel forward not only my acting career but my life as well. Paul and Brenton challenge and push you to face what is holding you back. They dare you to claim your power and shed the BS which keeps you from the career and life you want. Stop thinking about it and sign up already!"
-Tammi Cubilette, Network Actor


"The Source taught me how to let go of self-defeating self-talk which in turn helped me bring myself to auditions. It helped me become more specific about what I want in life and the motivation to go after what I truly want. Basically, the program taught me how to love myself. "

-Kelly Wray, Actor, Source 2014

"The Source is designed to propel your career forward and guide you toward manifesting your dreams. The Source will transform you from the inside out, awaken in you what has fallen dormant, and inspire you to be your best. Whether you're looking to excel in television and film, theatre, voice-over, you name it,...As with everything in life, the more you are willing to give, the more you will receive. The Source is a safe and loving haven to explore and expand not only the creative artist within you, but also to ignite and foster the powerful businessperson that lies within. Paul Michael, and his team, are the heartfelt power house coaches that reveal to you all the possibilities lying right in front of you, should you choose to show up for yourself. And believe me, you will show up, like never before." -Max Rhyser




"I feel confident and prepared on how to take business meetings with agents and casting directors, and feel like I have the necessary tools for success! Can't thank Paul enough for [his] work and the relationships formed in this class."
- Josh Domingo

"It was one of the best courses I have ever taken... It has changed my attitude toward my career. It has made me take charge of it, and I am no longer waiting for something to happen. Rather, I am going to happen."
- Barbara Miluski

"Here's the thing about Paul Michael: In absolutely everything he does, he gives hugely of himself. And since he’s a seasoned professional in all areas of the business-of-show, this is a significant gift. Years ago, he set up The Network and he's made it into one of the most trusted, and most ethical, pay-to-play companies. Unlike the other biggies, he — the owner —is often there and warmly available to his clients … both industry professionals and the actors paying to meet them. And somehow, his presence infects the whole experience. Somehow, the industry professionals seem more focused on the meeting than they are elsewhere. It has be the ‘Paul’ effect. Paul has also always been diligent about doing his ‘personal work.’ It’s so rare in this self-centered, materialistic world, and it is yet another boon that he offers his friends and colleagues. ‘The Source,’ (is) a deep and broad 10-week rigorous course for actors willing to discover and confront both their strengths and their frailties. I was lucky to participate.. and have benefited in many ways. In the safety of the weekly meetings, we all supported each other’s stumbles, and celebrated our growth and successes. At the end, we all had enormously successful meetings with industry professionals... and all of us have been called in by at least one agent or manager. This is an extraordinary rate of success. I cannot recommend ’The Source’ more and urge any and everyone who wants to leap ahead in their career to avail themselves of it. It’s an invaluable resource." - Karin De la Penha

"It combines not only the business aspect of acting, but the spiritual work that releases the personal blocks we unconsciously create for ourselves. It also provides logistical guidance on things like headshots, what to wear for auditions, sides, your "elevator pitch" (how to most effectively sell yourself to CDs and Agents), etc. Also, Paul is one of the most genuine people I have met in the business. I still bounce almost everything off of Paul. I know the proof is in the pudding too, and the 3 auditions I have had since taking The Source, I booked, including my first pilot! I never offer unsolicited advice, but when an actor asks, I tell them to take The Source." - Kirsten O'Brien

"Paul Michael brought the legit agent I ended up signing with, Judy Boals, and the commercial agent I've been freelancing with, Jerry Kallarakkal from DDO (who got me booked in two commercials), to my acting class's showcase. I could just sum it up by saying that every 'next step' I've made in my career has been through Paul Michael and The Network." - Kieren Mulcare

The Source was a valuable experience as it helped me focus my goals and set a solid business plan into motion. It also challenged me to step further out of my comfort zone with the overwhelming support of the other actors- providing a network that will last beyond the 10 week course.  It is a class unlike any other.  - Kristin Quinn

 "The Source came at a time in my life when I felt artistically stuck and unfocused. Through the weekly assignments, readings, discussions and exercises in and out of class, I have been able to rekindle my inner creativity and purpose and positively move forward in my acting and personal life.   Thank you Paul J. Michael for creating this beautiful and rewarding class for actors.  You are a gift to creativity and to helping actors reach their artistic and personal goals.  You're the best! " - Cynthia Shaw

"Paul Michael's course changed my life." - Thalia Longchamp

"Paul Michael brought the legit agent I ended up signing with, Judy Boals, and the commercial agent I've been freelancing with, Jerry Kallarakkal from DDO (who got me booked in two commercials), to my acting class's showcase. I could just sum it up by saying that every 'next step' I've made in my career has been through Paul Michael and The Network." - Kieren Mulcare

"The Source is the first class I have taken (and I've taken many!) where I felt as though I was truly acquiring tools to propel forward not only my acting career but my life as well. Paul  challenge[s] and push[es] you to face what is holding you back. They dare you to claim your power and shed the BS which keeps you from the career and life you want. Stop thinking about it and sign up already!"
-Tammi Cubilette

"During The Source I released certain beliefs that were standing in my way. I felt incredible support and guidance. It all culminated into an amazing event the day of our first auditions. Because of the love I felt, I rocked my auditions, and have been going strong ever since. I now have a lot of CDs who have told me that they are on the look out for roles for me, and I just shot a Day Player Role on a new HBO series.  Thank you to my Source Group, and a special thanks to Paul..." - Ingrid Saxon

“The Source is transforming. It has given me insight, given me the strength and initiative to take my acting career to the next level. I recommend this class to anyone who is serious about being a working actor!  Thank you so much Paul... for giving me the strength! What I learned is for a lifetime!" 
- Melissa Betancur

“…the Source, has made a significant change in me.  Through the various exercises which explore how we view ourselves and how others view us, learning important marketing tools, and practicing our craft, I now know who I am as an actor and how to get the rest of the world to know me as well.  But most importantly, the Source gave me confidence in my talent and courage to continue this “quest “ to reach the unreachable star.”  - Marie McGowan

"Working with Paul... goes beyond any traditional business class. They helped me to develop a vision for myself, one that gets me excited about everyday as I'm working toward it. I love my group that I worked with, Supernova Source. It was like we became a little family, and it was great to have that kind of support away from home. I truly loved doing this program and I'm still using the things I learned today."
- David Leos

"I have taken 2 classes with The Network, and BOTH were absolutely amazing!  1st the Commercial Edge course where Scott Wojcik and David Cady worked with us, and imparted invaluable information on the ins and outs of Commercial work, as well as getting us on camera and giving wonderful, constructive critiques to better present ourselves in an On Camera audition.  THEN I had the fortune of taking THE SOURCE class with Paul... and that just took everything to another level!  Not only delving into the actual Business of TV and FILM work, but exploring what individually was keeping us from reaching our full potential… Releasing the negative voices, and moving forward with a clear and positive outline of what we want for our career.  Brilliant classes!" - Lothair Eaton

"Thanks to Paul and his team, Margaret Emory called me in... and now I'm freelancing with SW Artists" 
- Dana Ferguson

“I heartily recommend The Source to any actor looking to master the next steps of their career. Having recently relocated to this city I was looking for coaching that combines guidance in industry ‘nuts and bolts’, with a profound journey of personal development. Taking this class with Paul Michael... really grounded my process and allowed me to showcase for fantastic casting directors and agents in a safe and nurturing environment.”  
- Edith Bukovics

Some straight-up success:


Anya Gibian, Source Grad June 2019 was signed to FBI straight from showcase!


Caroline Ryburn was brought in after her Source showcase with Kathleen Vissichelli-Hanley, and booked a lead role in the indie film "Mouse".


Naaji Kenn signed with Abrams Artist Agency Commercial Department, after meeting her at Abrams Fest.

Tammi Cubilette is now working with Agent, Margarey Emory, after meeting her in The Source.
Andres Robledo got cast by Abigail Zealey Bess and called in by Donna McKenna right out of The Source.
Karin dela Penha got called in by Gavin Davis of The Talent Mine.
Ariane Reinhart was called in three times by Angela Mickey, Casting Director with Liz Lewis Casting.
Jack Utrata signed with Agent, Margaret Emory, and was recently called in by Angela Mickey of Liz Lewis Casting.
Mickey Hawtrey is working with Margaret Emory.
Rebecca Hoodwin got called in to Buchwald Legit by Kevin McEleney.
Adam Bradely got called in by Angela Mickey out of The Source.
Kathleen Kellaigh has been called in by Harley Kaplan for a role in a film.  She is now repped by Margaret Emory from SW artists.
Cynthia Shaw and Erich Rausch have been called in by Margaret Emory for SW Artists.
Julie Berndt was called in for a film by Harley Kaplan.
Emilie Byron is now working with Agent, Margaret Emory, of SW Artists after meeting her in The SOURCE.


Source 33 Grad (August 2018), Dan D’Agnes was signed across the board by DDO Agency, Irene Cabrera right out of The Source showcase!


Source 33 Grad (August 2018), Chris Jehnert was cast as the lead in a musical for the Fringe Festival by Abigail Zealey Bess right out of the Source showcase!


"Thank you for setting up all the incredible guests. I love coming! This is my 3rd one and you’re my new favorite go to for meeting CD’s. Donna (McKenna) was so awesome! What a great night and Leslie was great too! Thank you so much." - Laura Shapanus, Actor

"I am so fortunate to have met Paul at one of his CD fests. From the moment we met, I knew he was genuine and insightful, and he's a working actor too -- so he really gets it. When I learned that he offered 1:1 coaching, I signed up. Over the course of 10 weeks,  Paul coached me on my elevator pitch, setting goals, and finding great sides that showcase me. Just as importantly, I was able to tackle some of my insecurities and limiting beliefs. It was truly what I needed right now to get my butt in gear to do more acting. And, I don't think it's a coincidence that I was just called in by an indie casting director for a feature film audition with the director in the room! Thanks to Paul's coaching, I knew what I had to do to prepare the material, how to dress, and ultimately show up as the professional actor I am. I am so grateful to Paul and The Network for giving me the tools I need to get out there with preparation and confidence."


-Jake Lipman, Actor

"Thank God for Paul Michael and The Network. I had the opportunity to show an agent who I am as an artist and talk to him as a human being, and now I have legit representation."

-Amy Hayes, Network Actor

"I signed with Abrams' commercial department after Abramsfest. Thank you guys so much for organizing this, and keeping a low-pressure, good-vibes environment!!"  - Naaji Kenn, Actor

"This past Tues. I did a class with Meghan Rafferty. Well, this class with Meghan easily rates in the top five of all the classes I have ever taken.  The first two minutes she walked into the classroom I knew this was going to be a fruitful, fun evening.  In many of the classes I have taken one can feel that this is an “after-work” gig for the casting director, but not with Meghan.  You got the feeling that THIS is her full-time job.  She freely passed along a massive amount of information to help actors do a better job when they walk into an audition room.  All this, coupled with a winning personality and kindness.  Meghan has heart.  She is a rare bird.  Thank you for bring Meghan Rafferty to The Network." -Nancy Fox, Actor

"Obtained a lot of really good tips from Brette's Commercial Class. Been getting a lot of callbacks. My manager's proud. Thank you for being awesome! "

-Omar Cruz, Actor


"I think I can speak for everyone when I say that this was the single best, most useful one of these things I've ever done at the Network. Julie is so great. Very approachable yet candid and really seems to LIKE doing this vs some guests who seem to be there for the moola, no offense. I kind of feel like I hit the lottery getting in to see her."

-Christopher Clawson,


""Sabrina Hyman called me in to audition for a role in Royal Pains after meeting her at The Network!""

-Marcin Mesa, Marcin Mesa


"Amazing. Christine Kromer is the best. Along with the Network :-)"

-John Larkin, John Larkin


" I am so impressed with The Network. I have rehearsed there many, many times, both as an actress and a director, and have always found the facilities clean and well appointed, and the staff to be cordial, professional and accommodating. I am now working on reviving my voice over career, and I am so glad I chose The Network - John McKinney was AMAZING on Monday and the Voice-Over Fest rocked last night. I am really looking forward to meeting Andy Roth later this month! I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for both the way the events are run and especially for this kind of follow-up - no place else does this, at least to my knowledge. Thank you! "

-Elena Zazanis, Elena Zazanis


"Thank you so very much Jason, this is such a nice help. The class was amazingly enriching by the way. Michelle is so so generous with her time, energy and knowledge. I look forward to coming back again soon."

-Duncan Murdoch, Duncan Murdoch

"I recently attended Abrams agent fest at The Network and Joe Thompson is now sending me out on huge print campaigns. I also attended All hands on deck with Chrystie Street Casting and Jessica Kelly recommended me for a film Billy Hopkins is casting. "

-Timothy Ryan, Network Actor


""This class was one of the most effective and valuable of all of the many classes I have taken at The Network. The opportunity to craft, after focused and individualized feedback from an experienced, articulate and intelligent casting director, my performance of not only my monologue but also genre and age-appropriate sides is invaluable. And the course was reasonably priced too! Thanks for this opportunity.""

-Karen Orlin, Network Actor


"Just wanted to share a little good news, I just had a super fun television callback for ABC, after meeting Marci Phillips at the Network!"

-Assiatou Lea, Network Actor


"Everything went great. Judy and I were commenting on what a great group of talent this was. It's nice to work with a high caliber of actors."

-Kimberly Graham, Associate Casting Director, Judy Henderson Casting


"I just wanted to say what a great class Alaine runs. She is warm, generous, insightful and really knows how to bring a group together quickly. She also does great casting ;) Each and everyone of us had fit like glove characters in funny, interesting and poignant scenes which made for a great night. I was very impressed and pleased by the casting directors that The Network brought in for us. They, too, were generous and insightful with great feedback. All in all a great class - Bravo!"

-Catherine Ryan, Network Actor (Alaine Alldaffer's Class)


"I am SO GRATEFUL, that I met and auditioned for Barbara Feinstein! Barbara is a Breath of Fresh Air! She is a real team player encouraging the Actor to always be Smart and put your best foot forward. For an Actor who is Ready, Willing and Able to get to the next step in their career, Barbara is the ideal Agent. And for the early actor, Barbara is a great teacher and sharer of information about the business, business relationships, and being and making smart career decisions. "

-Roberto De Felice, Network Actor


"I took Judy Bowman's Commercial Bootcamp this past November. She recently brought me in to audition for At Hand's "As Wide As I Can See." Her charm, wit, and laid back yet buoyant energy inspire you to do your best work: an actor's casting director. "

-Joseph Yeargain, Network Actor


"I thought David Cady was excellent. His patience and respect for the actors was wonderful. His demeanor and professionalism put everyone at ease so that we could all do our best and I learned a lot from this one session."

-Mary Anisi, Network Actor


"David's class was really terrific. I've taken commercial on camera classes before with other casting directors, yet David's information wasn't a just a repeat of the same information (explained differently), he told us things that filled in the holes of my knowledge. I really needed to hear what he taught so that I feel truly well prepared for my auditions. His laid back style also made it easy to hear his feedback and created an open and safe environment. I'm looking forward to working with him! "

-Sande Sherr, Network Actor


"(Marci Phillips) was exceptional and trustworthy which is really hard to find. I learned a lot."

-Charmaine Lord, Network Actor


"Judy Bowman is an awesome teacher! She is so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I had never taken a commercial class before and she broke everything down for us and gave us a great look at the business from all perspectives – the casting director’s, the client’s, and the actor’s. She walks you through the audition process and gives you great tips on how to work with different kinds of copy so you can book the job! I would absolutely recommend taking her class! She’s fabulous and also a ton of fun!"

-Dana D'Ascoli, Network Actor


"I have booked my first work in NY on EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE. It started with the Legit Agent Minifest last fall. As always --and truly-- thank you."

-Matthew Hollerbach, Network Actor


"I took Jandiz Estrada's recent audition class and I just wanted to email and say how wonderful of a teacher she is. Jandiz doesn't just give tips or tricks to use during an audition - she actually teaches you how to be a better actor. She teaches you to make specific and informed decisions about the scene itself and how to build a solid framework for an actor to play in. She challenged me to be a creating force instead of passively existing in front of a reader and a camera. I will recommend her classes to everyone I know."

-Casey MacLaren, Network Actor


"Jandiz (Estrada) is the BEST coach and informer of what to do and how to navigate the audition. Her no-nonsense approach, her efficient use of all the actors and scripts, all while at the same time being entertaining made it a class that I will continue to take. "

-Allan Mirchin, Network Actor


"Thank you Harley, and many thanks to The Network for being the catalyst between myself and Harley-who subsequently called me in for an audition shortly after our meeting. Cheers!"

-Michaela McPherson, Network Actor


"I met with Alaine Alldaffer (from Playwrights Horizons) and she gave excellent feedback on a scene that I performed. The following week, the casting associate Lisa Donadio contacted me and booked as a reader for a Humana Festival bound play."

-Ricky Dunlop, Network Actor


"Angela Mickey from (Liz Lewis) and I met in her class at The Network this past January. She just called me in for a Ronzoni commercial. I got called back. Came down to me and another girl. Didn't get the job, but came really close!I would have never met Angela, had it not been for The Network."

-Robyn Frank, Network Actor


"Tisha Ioli called me in for an audition soon after I met her in a commercial intensive at The Network! She was very helpful and ran the intensive in a very effective way."

-Conrad Bear, Network Actor


"Marci's class was great - by far the most informative class I've taken with a CD yet. And I wanted to let you guys know that she called me in for a general, so doubly thank you for bringing her in."

-Chelsea Watts, Network Actor


"I was sent out the very next day after meeting Mathew Messinger at the Network seminar and recieved a call back."

-Trayon Blackwell, Network Actor


"It was the most effortless (yes, work went in to prepare) experience. Everyone is so supportive. The organization, the guests and how we are taken care of is extraordinary. "

-Diana Suko, Network Actor


"Tisha Ioli called me in to Don Case Casting a few days after her commercial class. It's so comforting to know that there are industry professionals like Tisha who are 100% invested in helping actors succeed."

-Tara Moncure, Network Actor


"I met Paul Hardt this past weekend at the Summer Theater Fest and today got called into read for a large supporting role for the Mint Theater's next show!"

-Christopher Clawson, Network Actor


"Not too long after I took Kevin Kuffa's awesome class, I booked a principal role on L&O:Criminal Intent!"

-Andrea Sooch, Network Actor


"Yesterday's Musical Theater Showcase was brilliant. The idea of pairing the casting directors, the two regional and the two B'way, in a room is so smart. Having each other to bounce ideas off of really seemed to help them say organize their thoughts and they all seemed to be having a really good time together. The energy was different from go. Also, both monitors were friendly and engaging, knowing when to be social and when to give space. BUT, two hours after class Mr. Wojcik called me and asked me to come in for "The Human Comedy" by Galt McDermott. That never happens! He was wonderful on the phone and I will be playing that voicemail for weeks. Thanks for all that you do. "

-Jacob Thompson, Network Actor


"I auditioned for four musical theater casting directors at the Musical Theatre Fest, and later that same day, Scott Wojcik from Wojcik/Seay Casting called me in for an AEA showcase musical he is currently casting and I have an appointment on Monday!"

-Hayley Richelson, Network Actor


"I met a bunch of really great actors (at Print Fest). I already sent 2 out on a casting today! - Casey Ross, Ross Talent Agency "

-Casey Ross, Print Agent, Ross Talent


"I'm very happy about the opportunities that have and are continuing to open up for me since my meet with Jerry at The Network. Soon after, I received a call to stop in for a meeting with him. Jerry started sending me out and I booked a commercial through him immediately. Very exciting!"

-Misti Dawn Garritano, Network Actor


"I hadn't been to any seminars/workshops since moving to NY & I really wanted to attend a great one! Finally I found The Network, where I saw the Pilot Fest workshop with NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox! I decided to give it a try. Not only did I learn SO much, but after meeting/working with the Casting Directors in class, I was called in to ABC that same week to audition for a new pilot! I will definitely be coming back to The Network for more. Thank you guys!"

-Grace Gealey, Network Actor


"Meghan Rafferty was terrific! A really great workshop. After meeting her she called me in to audition for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Thanks Network and Meghan!"

-Wynne Anders, Network Actor


"I met Judy Boals last night at your Network seminar. She called me today and for a meeting later this month!"

-Hank Kim, Network Actor


"After one of Meghan Rafferty's top-notch workshops (great sides, astute direction), Meghan called me in for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close."

-Aleta Davies, Network Actor


"I wanted to let you know that I had a successful follow-up with an agent I met at one of the Network mini-fests. I have signed for 3 months (freelance) with Jamie at Clear Talent Group. I have my first bona-fide professional audition tomorrow for Brodie in "The Real Thing" at Northern Stage. This opportunity is only coming to me after much help from you and The Network."

-Matt Hollerbach, Network Actor


"Paul Michael brought the legit agent I ended up signing with, Judy Boals, and the commercial agent I've been freelancing with, Jerry Kallarakkal from DDO (who got me booked in two commercials) to my acting class's showcase. Before that, Michael Kirsten at Harden-Curtis started freelancing with me after he saw me at one of your agent fests. I also got called in to audition for 30Rock after I did a workshop with Trey Lawson. I could just sum it up by saying that every 'next step' I've made in my career has been through The Network."

-Kieren Mulcare, Network Actor


"I was called in yesterday to be a reader for ABC for Marci Phillips. I was her reader/monitor a couple of months ago at The Network and remember me!"

-Larissa Laurel, Network Actor


"I got a call from Stacye Mayer's assistant at Paradigm for a print audition for an anti-depressant medication. "

-Amanda B. Goodman, Network Actor


"Thank you so much for taking the time to help and guide me on my search to find an agent. I am always appreciate of your sweet generosity!"

-Daphne Lopez, Network Actor


"This past week I called in Richard Stephen Bell, whom I met at the Networl for JUST TOSS THE ASHES. His audition was amazing--and he is now one of the front-runners for the role of Jamie! I would never have met Richard had it not been for The Network."

-Harley Kaplan, Casting Director with Kaplan/Powers Casting


"I booked an under 5 on One Life to Live after working in Tori Visgilio's class and am represented by Product Models Management after meeting Barbara Stein - all through The Network! "

-Tiffany Hodges, Network Actor


"Jerry is a great person to freelance with. He only freelances with the intent to sign so he makes all of his actors feel like they are a part of his active roster and not someone trying to get work by playing a numbers game. He came to see my Fringe Show, and follows up regularly with my progress. A very attentive agent. "

-Greg Casimir, Network Actor


"Well, Jerry, Rikki and everyone at DDO have been GREAT! Very pro and nice people to work with. They are on top of their game. They really want you to succeed and help you do it. "

-Julio Pena, Network Actor


"Jerry Kallarakkal is sending me out. He's a great guy and I'm happy to be working with him. Just as important, I'm meeting a lot of people in casting at The Network which makes future auditions so much easier for me. Before I walk in the casting room I know who I am meeting and recognize a familiar face. Thanks for helping me learn my way around the city. "

-Paul Bright, Network Actor


"I've been keeping a lot of people I met at The Network pretty busy of late - thanks! "

-Casey Ross, Print Agent, Ross Talent


"Since Day 1, my impression with the Network and its associates has been positive, professional, and supportive of my career as an actor. I am excited and looking forward to interning with you and the team and getting to know the business side of film/tv/commercials as I make the transition from musical theatre."

-Debralee Daco, Network Actor


"So: if your career's a snowball and to get it really big somebody has to start pushing it down hill, the Network people can be that somebody... Or wait... This is assuming you are like the rock at the center of the snowball... And you want the snowball to be big. Because it will make a better snowman... which I guess is a feature film or something... OK, skipping metaphors: The unbelievably friendly Network staff stand out because of they combine a commitment to the art and craft of acting with a commitment to getting actors careers moving. After consulting with Paul, he suggested I meet with Michael Golden at Brett Adams NYC. I met Michael during a Network event and was signed a few months later. Snowball launched."

-Nicholas Brown, Network Actor


"I had a good time at my session and I actually just cast Heather Girardi in a reading. She was wonderful! "

-Lisa Donadio, Casting Director


"I've enjoyed meeting the actors.  I find that the talent level at The Network is generally high, and it's been helpful to meet so many new people. I also just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed working with Chris the moderator; he was a great reader and I felt like it really helped the actors in the class."

-Faryn Einhorn, Casting Director


"I'm writing to let you know that I was called in to Clear Talent to meet with Jamie Harris after auditioning for him at an agent night. I'm so excited! Just wanted to keep you guys at The Network in the loop. Thanks alot."

-Joy Notoma, Network Actor


"I wanted to share with all of you how wonderful the January Agent Fest turned out to be, for me. I am currently working freelance with Commercial Agents Tony Grinage, from Atlas Talent Agency, Jerry Kallarakkal from DDO Artists Agency and Legit Agent Jamie Harris from Clear Talent Group. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to get involved with the Network. "

-Deana Clark, Network Actor

"I just wanted to give you on update on some of the people from the last seminar.  I will be freelancing with Lynn Stefanelli and Michael De Nola.  I have sent them as well as Tom Martin out on and audition this week.  I have also BOOKED Lavrenti Lopes on an non union industrial next week. "

-Jerry Kallarakkal, Agent


"Thank you. I’d also sent a message to David about Chrystie Street too, but now it’s even better – it’s very exciting. Her Chrystie Street Casting class has ended up SO well – she booked a day player job in the film We Need to Talk About Kevin through them that she did last week and is going in to go on tape for a different film with them later on this week. It’s a case of a great fit at just the right time; cross your fingers for the taping! (We’re really excited about it.) "

-Caitlin Kinnunen, Network Actor


"As a seasoned actor, who is coming back into the business after a long hiatus, I want to thank you and The Network for the outstanding workshop with Brian O'Neil. Brian's broad experience, clarity of delivery, and wisdom regarding the business of acting, all made for an invigorating, very encouraging, and eye-opening day! His enthusiasm for his subject was palpable. I still can't believe it was only $39 - I'm very grateful for his incredible generosity. I bought his book today and will be making an appointment for a private consultation. "

-Joanne Dorian, Network Actor


"Happy to tell you we are signing Chris Ware (Network actor) theatrically, who I met at the Network a month or so ago. J Already has a few CB’s for B’way. Thanks! "

-Casey Purcell, Agent


"Just wanted to keep you up to date on my progress last Saturday. I enjoyed getting in front of all the different people on the same day. I got a lot of good feedback. I have already been contacted by ICM, the Mine, and Artist Group East. I was given the number to Henderson/Hogan and was told to call the first of next week. Overall I feel like it went well. ICM said they were going to send me more sides to put myself on tape. The Mine has me coming in to be put on tape and the same goes for Artist Group East. "

-Alan Fox, Network Actor


"I had an audition for a CBS pilot as a result of The Network! "

-Ashley Wren Collins, Network Actor


"I just signed with Judy Boals yesterday, thanks largely to Mr. Michael."

-Kieran Mulcare, The Network Actor


"This was one of the best seminars that I have ever attended. A great group of actors. I have found that The Network does the best job of screening and have found some of the most talented and well-trained actors all who have great style and personalities."

-Rob Kolker, Manager, Red Letter Ent.


"If THE NETWORK were listed in the dictionary it's meaning would be listed as such: professionalism, peppered with a dash of understanding and unequivocal respect. When ever I meet a casting director and/or agent, I'm not a number. I'm given space and my time is never rushed. Because of the relaxed atmosphere, I've booked more callbacks through this company than through any one else. Most recently, two agents out of three have shown interest in me at one seminar. It doesn’t get any better than this!"

-Selena Nelson, Network Actor


"Thanks to your print fest I'm now freelancing not only with Casey Ross, but also with Darlene and Stephanie at CESD! All three of them are now sending me on castings regularly."

-Carol Jacobanis, Network Actor


"My seminars are consistently wonderful. The caliber of talent is always so high at the Network. I have called in some very strong actors. Very impressed. Thanks again."

-Jim Daly, Legit Agent, blocNYC


"I love The Network...There is finally a group that treats actors with dignity."

-Katherine Ryan, Commercial Agent, Don Buchwald & Associates

















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