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Success Stories

"I met with Alaine Alldaffer (from Playwrights Horizons) and she gave excellent feedback on a scene that I performed. The following week, her casting associate Lisa Donadio contacted me and booked as a reader for a Humana Festival bound play."
-Ricky Dunlop, Network Actor

"Heather Finn from Frontier Booking International called me in after meeting me at a 'Network' seminar and I am now freelancing with her!"
-Tamar Pelzig, Network Actor

"PalmStar just booked me on Grand Street. Yay!"
-Allyson Morgan, Network Actor

"I met Tony Pichette from Kipperman casting and he called me in the next day for a veterans PSA Commercial! Thank You The Network!"
-Michael Rios, Network Actor

"I got an audition for a new J.J. Abrams pilot at CBS through Chrystie Street (a connection I made at the network) and I booked a supporting and possibly recurring role! I'm shooting on the 30th and its got an all star cast and production team. All the contacts I have made through seminars have really made the difference in getting called in. From meeting Paul Davis and Erica Jensen a few times I was able to get called in for a big co starring role on Army Wives that I didn't book but got a great response from casting."
-Gregory Lay, Network Actor

"I got called in to be a reader for Erica Jensen of Calleri Casting (three times) and started working with legit agent, Michael Rodriguez, both of whom I met at The Network."
-Mickey O'Sullivan, Network Actor

"Tisha called me in for an audition a week after i took her intensive and I booked it! Filming my first industrial on Monday."
-Ildi Kiss, Network Actor

"I was called in to audition for "30 Rock" after meeting Katja Blichfeld at The Network!"
-Monica DiNatale, Network Actor

"Tisha called me in for a commercial audition right after I took her commercial class at the Network. I loved her class and I look forward to taking another one with her again soon!"
-Carolann Sanita, Network Actor

"I just met with them YESTERDAY and they (Fifi Oscard) took me on. Yay!!! I am excited to have my first NYC agent. WooHoo!"
-Diana Suko, Network Actor

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