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Success Stories

"The Legit Agent Fest I did there got me a meeting with Judy Boals, and, well what do you know, I also got signed! Thanks :)"
-Vanessa Morales, Network Actor

"I was called in twice by Merri Sugarman from a three week class with Musical theatre casting directors, Justin Huff (Telsey) and Jack Bowdan (Jay Binder)- She called me in 25th Anniversary tour of "Les Miserables" and "Mamma Mia" tour. "
-Bart Shatto, Network Actor

"Back in February I went to the Amy Gossels seminar. Then in May, Amy Gossels called me and cast me in a TNT Network Promo for Latin America. I wouldn't have had that opportunity without you guys."
-Justin Trice, Network Actor

"I booked a commercial for Vegas tourism shoot in Vegas through Jerry, who I met at a Network seminar. Many thanks to the Network for all your help & wisdom! "
-Milla Ilieva, Network Actor

"I attended the L&O double-header on Monday, July 18th. Had a really great reading. By Tuesday, July 23rd, I was standing in front of Phil Huffman, Dick Wolf, and the L & O gang for a producer’s read. It was great. I didn’t book that one, but I was pleased with my audition. And I’m confident that I will be back on the Chelsea Piers grounds very soon."
-Tracee Loran, Network Actor

"Eileen Haves called and asked me to put her down as a freelance agent on my Actors Access account!"
-Natasha Missick, Network Actor

"Recently I took the commercial agent fest at The Network...I was called in by Mary Haggerty to freelance with Artist Entertainment and have already been sent out on my first audition, also I was sent out on an audition by Doug Keston from Paradigm the very next day. "
-Ivan Moore, Network Actor

"I signed with Judy Boals as a result of meeting Dustin at The Network's Diversity Fest! "
-Paul Cosentino, Network Actor

"After Print Fest I have been sent out by Joe Thompson (Abrams Artists) for a Pringles spot and I am also freelancing with Casey Ross Talent Agency. Thanks! "
-Megan Hartig, Network Actor

"I just wanted to let you know that earlier today, I signed with Rob Ziemba of Ziemba Talent Associates after meeting him last Wednesday the 4th at one of your seminars."
-Shai Trichter, Network Actor

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