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Success Stories

""Through The Network I met my new manager, Kevin Thompson and I was called in for the ABC Diversity Showcase. Thank you for all that you do!""
-Marcin Mesa, Network Actor

"Marcus Harvey began working with Talent Express Management after meeting Naomi Kolstein at The Network."
-Marcus Harvey, Network Actor

"Kristin Chase got called in for a couple of roles on 30 Rock after meeting Trey Lawson at The Network."
-Kristin Chase, Network Actor

"I got called in for a series regular on Scandal after meeting Marci Phillips at The Network."
-Kristin Stewart, Network Actor

"I met Clint Alexander and Maria Higgins through The Network and they called me in for a LEAD in a new FOX pilot!"
-Brooke Ishibashi, Network Actor

"I met Marci Phillips through The Network and am now regularly working as her Reader in auditions. She's also added me to her Must-See List!"
-Brooke Ishibashi, Network Actor

"I met with Mary Haggerty (of Artists Entertainment) today. Thanks! "
-Mark Fairchild, Network Actor

"I recently booked some work that I am very proud of (National Google Commercial), and I wouldn’t have had a foot in that door without the Network. The place is great, not to mention the extremely positive staff."
-Josh Cameron, Network Actor

"Great news...I have a meeting with Jenevieve Brewer at About Face next week. Yay!!!!"
-Jeannine Green, Network Actor

"After meeting Meris Zittman at the Diversity Agent Fest I am now represented by International Artists Group. Many Thanks to the Network! "
-Fulvio Brembilla, Network Actor

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