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Paul Michael's The Network

Operations & New Client Registration- assistant@thenetworknyc.com

Executive Director- pmichael@thenetworknyc.com

Tel: 646.418.8527


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Call 7 days a week! If we can't get to the phone, leave a voicemail and we will get back to you asap.


THURSDAYS March 7th- May 16th 3:00PM-5:30pm


10 Weeks of powerful business work that will transform your career and your attitude so that you are the epitome of a Professional Actor. Showcase at the end of the class to 4 Indie CD's and 4 Agents!


Payment Plans are available!  Email us to figure out a plan - we want to support you!


Whether you're looking to excel in television and film, theatre, voice-over, you name it, the Source is designed to propel your career forward and guide you toward manifesting your dreams. The Source will transform you from the inside out, awaken in you what has fallen dormant, and inspire you to be your best.


Paul Michael, and his team, are the heartfelt power house coaches that reveal to you all the possibilities lying right in front of you, should you choose to show up for yourself. And you will show up like never before.


Get the focus on your business that you definitely have never gotten before:

- perfect your type and your look that will get you booked (including in your headshots!)

- understand the right audition wear for you

- learn the elements of a business plan that ACTUALLY gets you moving

- business choices that will get you noticed by industry and set you apart from the crowd

- mock interviews that will aid you in landing that agent meeting

- sides for your showcase that show you off in the best possible way

- powerful mindset changes that take you from hobby actor to PROFESSIONAL!


"This class is a commitment. Trust the process." - Ian Ampoyo, Source 25


Afternoon Source: 3:00mm-5:30pm


Each Thursday:



















Indie Fest Showcase- Thursday, May 16th 6:30-8:30

Agent Fes Showcase- Friday, May 17th- 6:30-8:30

Special Event- 8:30PM


See some thoughts from Industry professionals about THE SOURCE:

“The actors I’ve met through Paul Michael’s The Source are self-aware, self-assured and self-empowered...I am impressed with their blend of authenticity and professionalism." - Margaret Emory, Agent and Partner of SW Artists


“THE SOURCE is an excellent tool for the actor who wants to take their career to the NEXT step... The Source focuses on putting together the ENTIRE package.” - Chris Nichols, Agent and Owner of Revolution Talent


"I cannot recommend Paul Micael's "The Source" highly enough...Paul provides a caring, safe and very helpful environment, where he introduces all the elements needed (like what material works best for you, pit falls to avoid, dress, hair, and make-up and finally interview), to make you book, in this highly competitive world known as 'Show Business'." - Caroline Sinclair, Casting Director and Owner of Sinclair Casting


"I love The Network...There is finally a group that treats actors with dignity." - Katherine Ryan, Commercial Agent, Don Buchwald & Associates


"The caliber of talent is always so high at the Network. I have called in some very strong actors. Very impressed."

- Jim Daly, Legit Agent, blocNYC


After purchase you will receive a download link which you can show on your phone as a receipt! We suggest taking a snap of it.


Hear it from Source Grads...


(In describing the experience of the Source in a few words:) "Unprecedented, Remarkable, Exceptional, Exclusive, High caliber, Intense, Rare, Purposeful, Accomplished, Transcending, Transform, Reshape, Exceeding, Distinguished." - Carol Ann Bell, Source 25


"Attending The Source was one of the best decisions I have made to help advance my acting career. Thank you Paul Michael...My life is forever changed for the better and I feel fully prepared to take my acting career to the Next Level!" - Gayle Carney, Source 25


"Paul Michael not only helps you prepare your business strategy, but he also helps you identify and overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from reaching your goals. Because of his guidance, preparation, and the Source final showcase, I now have representation of a top talent manager. Thank you Paul!" - Robin Reck, Source 25


"Since I took The Source, I subsequently continued with many other Network offerings to connect and learn from a variety of industry professionals. In building these relationships, I have been able to achieve my goals. -  I was brought in and cast in a leading role in an indie feature film, Mouse. I also reconnected with Margaret Emory of SW Artists in Scott Wojcik’s commercial workshop and have begun to work with her." - Caroline Ryburn


"This 10 wk. course covers everything from branding, marketing and most importantly, what’s going on, on the inside. Their techniques identify blocks in a way that I hadn’t experienced before.. I am grateful to Paul for his leadership, generosity, and heart. I highly recommend the Source to anyone with a curiosity and desire for transformation." - Kristina Latour


"Paul Michael (helps you) to learn the business of acting, and the twists of the film and theatre industries. The best way is to access it is via your own personal source. Every class was a new adventure to me, an exploration to find my keys to success as an actor." - Christina Farah


"The Source was a life-changing journey. A truly empowering class! I’ve taken classes all over NY and nothing really compares to it, no matter the stage you are in your career... Whether you are lost, or ready to take your career to the next level, this is the program to take! Paul creates a safe space were we discover the power of awareness and we really dig into the source within us." - Veronica Farias


"The Source transformed me from amateur worrier to an Artist with a plan well-equipped to take-on the Acting industry. Before you take another acting class, do yourself a favor and enroll in Paul Michael's "the Source" ; you will find the structure and guidance you need to "laser focus" your acting goals." - Michael Montiel


"I feel confident and prepared on how to take business meetings with agents and casting directors, and feel like I have the necessary tools for success! Can't thank Paul enough for [his] work and the relationships formed in this class." - Josh Domingo


"The Source,’ (is) a deep and broad 10-week rigorous course for actors willing to discover and confront both their strengths and their frailties. I was lucky to participate.. and have benefited in many ways. In the safety of the weekly meetings, we all supported each other’s stumbles, and celebrated our growth and successes. At the end, we all had enormously successful meetings with industry professionals... and all of us have been called in by at least one agent or manager. This is an extraordinary rate of success. I cannot recommend ’The Source’ more and urge any and everyone who wants to leap ahead in their career to avail themselves of it. It’s an invaluable resource." - Karin De la Penha


$1,095.00 Regular Price
$595.00Sale Price
  • "The Source more than lives up to its reputation as a transformative experience. My career is on the upswing, my relationships are strengthened, and my overall outlook is positive. It’s not only a career changer but a life changer! It’s a must for all actors looking to break through the blocks that hold us back. I can’t recommend The Source enough! "


    -Susan Jane Mcdonald, Feb 2019


    “This week I completed a course that has set me on a new one. 

    For anyone who feels stuck in life, your career or emotionally, I could not more highly recommend The Source with Paul Michael’s The Network. It is truly a life-changing experience. It will push all your buttons, send you to and though all your limits. The version of you that comes out the other side is the person, it turns out, you’ve always been; the person you’ve been too afraid to let out because, if you did, that would mean you are fearless, strong, successful and limitless and that can be scary. But this beautifully challenging process will show you: you ARE ready for this, you ARE strong enough, you DESERVE so much more than you are allowing yourself to experience. And in the meanwhile, you’ll gain incredible new friends and an inspiring support system. Give yourself this gift. Take this step. You will transform and never regret it.”

    — Tara Haight – June 2018


    “If you're in NYC.  I just finished taking a wonderful 10 week course with Paul J. Michael on not just the business of acting and marketing, but personal growth!  I highly recommend this class!  I had to do it all through FaceTime and still got tremendous value from it!!!!”

    — Michael Patrick Lane from Dynasty – June 2018



    “Just incredible.”

    — Carla Johnston Young – June 2018


    “I can’t recommend Paul J. Michael’s The Source highly enough. If you need some of that good old acting business acumen, a restart, a community of supportive artists, want to make stuff, want to be an empowered actor in the industry, want someone to have your back and challenge you in this wonderful city, please check it out! I went from being shy and playing small to being a confident leader, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. I am very excited about the coming professional results, but the personal benefits have so far been outstanding. Go go go!”

    — Autumn Mirassou June 2018

    “This past week I completed the final week of Paul J. Michael’s The Source. I can easily say that it’s one of the most challenging, emotional, and eye-opening experiences I’ve ever been through. Paul Michael has created something truly special, uniquely powerful, and certainly invaluable in The Source. If you are stuck in your career, feeling overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next, this experience will open you up to an incredible abundance of information, support and community. I am so grateful to Paul Michael, Brenton, Veronica, and each of the beautiful, passionate and talented artists for the experience and insight I’ve gained in these past 10 weeks. If you are a creative person and you want to open the door to opportunity, you must take The Source. Trust the process.”

    — Jon Berry


    “To those of you who are unaware of Paul Michael's The Source, may I suggest that you make yourselves aware of it and sign up as soon as you are able.  Once a week from mid-March until last night, I and my nine fellow Sourcers have shared the most incredibly mind, eye and heart opening experiences I believe any of us have ever encountered.  We have learned so much about ourselves and each other and how we live our lives and deal with our career choices and the way we simply look at life from now on.  All I can say is -- do it.”

    — Pamela Osowski


    “So I just finished The Source at Paul Michael's The Network and if you're feeling stuck in your life, unsatisfied in your career or just general malaise about your life choices than I cannot recommend this any higher. I was continuously challenged, frustrated and pissed off but I saw it through and the light at the end of the tunnel far outweighed the bullshit in my head. Trust me, if you do this - your life will change. And you will thank me in the end. And you'll have a group of new friends for the rest of your life!!”

    — Paul Megna