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Paul Michael's The Network

Operations & New Client Registration- assistant@thenetworknyc.com

Executive Director- pmichael@thenetworknyc.com

Tel: 646.418.8527


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The BEING of Acting w/ Paul Michael
Led by Paul J. Michael, Executive Director of The Network.
When: Saturdays, Jan 14th - March 18th (11am-2pm)

The only ACTING class showcase combo of it's kind.

A unique class designed to activate a sense that can only be reached through transformational work. Want to experience a metamorphisis?

The seventh sense has always been there, it's just been asleep. The sense comes through developing the muscles of choice, decisions made in the moment and the faith necessary to carry them out.

BEING of Acting w/ Paul Michael - January 14th

  • Normally $599.00 for 10 weeks of class which include 2 weeks of Casting Directors co-teaching class.

    Very flexible payment plans:

    $199.66 a month (3 months)

    $59.90 a week