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Here at The Network we are available to answer any/all questions you might have - it is our passion and goal to ensure you have both the career and the life you so richly deserve. Feel free to check below to see if there's an answer to one of your burning questions. And if there isn't, drop us a line!

Are agents and managers who go to these things actually looking for people?


Finding the right representation is like any other relationship - both parties have to share the same vision, passion and goals - in short, it has to FIT. We can assure you that students who attend The Network and partake in career consultations and The Source are thoroughly prepared for such meetings. And if it fits, they'll call. All you can do is show up in excellence, be prepared and open!

Do casting directors who go to these things actually call anyone in?


Similar to the answer above - the role has to FIT. Casting Directors, like actors, have their own goals, passions, and dreams - one of those being to discover new talent. Think about how great a Casting Director feels when they discover that diamond in the rough that, had they not met the actor in a seminar, may have gone unseen and unnoticed. If the fit is right they'll ca

Do I get any guarantees from attending any classes or seminars?


The only guarantee we can provide is that you'll learn something you didn't know before, and forge new friendships with like-minded artists. To guarantee employment or being signed with a new rep from one of our classes/seminars is about as realistic as promising someone after a first date that they'll end up in a relationship with that person. Again, when things align, it just works and fits. The real question is, will you be ready?

Please understand that our workshops and classes are not job interviews or auditions. The presence of an industry guest is neither a guarantee nor a promise of employment, and such contact as you may have with a guest in a workshop rarely results in any further contact with that person. All workshop companies are prohibited by law from offering or attempting to obtain auditions or employment for you. ** It is the law for all talent training services, of which workshops are a part, to be bonded with the Labor Commissioner of the City of Los Angeles. This seminar or class is for educational purposes only and will not secure or provide opportunity for employment in the field or representation by an agent.

What is your Cancellation Policy?


You've landed a big audition and now you can't make it to your scheduled seminar. First off, congratulations! Secondly, please email us at or give us a call at 646-418-8527 and let us know ASAP.

Cancellations for a class or event (including workshops, advanced seminars, fests) must be made seven (7) days prior to the start of that class.


The Network does not offer refunds to clients who choose to withdraw from a seminar or class. You will, however, be able to receive a credit to use towards a future seminar or class as long as the cancellation occurs within the parameters stated above.


Although we understand that the most common reasons for late cancellations are booked work and illness, we are still not able to offer refunds for cancellations.  Registration into a seminar is a binding agreement that you accept upon purchase.


If you are a no show for a seminar, you will not be given credit back for the seminar missed.  We do not offer make-up sessions for missed classes.

What happens when a Guest Cancels/Postpones/Changes?

Since our guests are all working professionals it is possible that they may need to cancel or postpone their seminars/event. We will do everything we can to reschedule that seminar/event or replace our guest with someone at the same level within the same office. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. In the event of a guest replacement, you may opt out at no penalty.


Also, often due to castings or other work issues, every so often a guest will need to push a seminar back 30 minutes or so on the same evening.  You must plan for this contingency when booking your seminar.  We are not responsible for crediting you unless a guest pushes back his or her seminar more than an hour. If a guest needs to change an event date entirely, we will provide immediate notification and if you are unable to attend the rescheduled date, you will be provided a non-expiring, monetary credit equal to the registration cost of the class which can be used toward any other Network programming.

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